Statement from the Australia Post Chair, Lucio Di Bartolomeo

Statement from the Australia Post Chair, Lucio Di Bartolomeo

The Australia Post Board is meeting today and on behalf of the Board I advise as follows:

The Board is acutely aware of community and shareholder feedback over the last 24 hours.

The Board noted media commentary regarding the then Board’s involvement in the purchase of Cartier watches. The Board was advised at today’s meeting that a check of Board papers and minutes from this period show the then Board was not asked to approve or note the purchase of those Cartier watches. The Board was further advised today that these papers and minutes do not record any subsequent reference to the purchase.

Australia Post is one of our country’s most trusted brands and its reputation has been built over 210 years. The Board will ensure this legacy is preserved and as part of this the Board and management have this morning recommitted to full co-operation with the Government initiated Inquiry.

Finally, at yesterday’s Senate Estimates hearing Christine Holgate and other senior executives outlined the detailed plans that are in place to prepare for this year’s Christmas peak. In light of the expected more than 50% growth in parcel delivery it will be the most challenging period in the history of the organisation. This morning the Board tasked Acting CEO and CFO Rodney Boys with ensuring those plans are implemented in full.

We understand that the impacts of COVID on our ability to deliver in a timely manner have tested the patience of our customers, old and new. We thank them for their ongoing support and understanding. We also thank our staff for their ongoing commitment to the organisation.


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